The human body, when aligned correctly, is a masterpiece—the epitome of balance.


Align Movement offers a proven methodology to re establish connection to this natural state of equilibrium, stability and power, while simultaneously engendering empowerment—physically and emotionally. Created by New York-based Carla DiMattina, a holistic physiotherapist with over 15 years experience, Align Movement is informed by both eastern and western medicine and philosophy.

Align Movement can be used in many contexts: as a form of strength training, a way to treat injury, a method for establishing connection between mind and body, and a flowing movement system to cultivate a sense of internal power. Align Movement improves posture, gait and stance—the building blocks of self-worth, confidence and power—a proven method for optimizing each person’s ability to function at their highest potential. After years of perfecting this method, DiMattina presents a systematic approach to physical fitness with profound effects for both body and mind.