Carla's journey into fitness and athletics began early, growing up in Melbourne, Australia.  The only girl amongst four professional athlete brothers, she would go to their practices and games where she learned the secrets of performance motivation from the club dietician, sports psychologist, and physiotherapist.

Carla was hooked on training, wellness, and sports rehabilitation and by the time she graduated from the University of Melbourne with the highest qualifications for physiotherapy, she began working in private practice. After reaching incredible heights in her practice in a relatively short time, Carla felt the call to deepen her studies, and the urge to venture into the unknown. She moved to New York City where she has been living and working for the past ten years. Carla travels the world with her clients, and is privileged to study under some of the most renowned teachers in yoga, fitness, meditation and pilates.

Today, Carla is a sought-after physiotherapist using an integrated, science based, holistic approach to medicine. Carla is also a qualified teacher of the 1 Giant Mind Meditation technique and teaches this technique privately or in small groups. Carla works with a wide range of clients ranging from age 20 to 89, and including some of the most accomplished people in finance, public policy, music and more. Carla’s multi-faceted approach to strengthening and healing is founded in a unique fusion of her western medical training and extensive study of eastern philosophy. The exercises and movement training Carla offers are geared towards strengthening areas of misuse in the body, while simultaneously calming the nervous system so the body can heal while the mind is in a place of stillness.

After more than 15 years of honing her craft professionally, Carla established Align Movement to bring her method to a broader range of people.  In today’s increasingly saturated fitness space, which offers an overabundance of exercise classes and a rapidly growing participation base, Align Movement is a haven: a place where practitioners can go to learn proper alignment, heal injury, and move in a way that will uplift body and mind.